Saturday, March 23, 2013

Birthday, fall and published

Hello all, its been awhile. It seems March has been roaring in. I can't believe its almost April. Well my birthday was on the 11th. Another year older, surprisingly i don't feel a year older. I got some nice cards and some money.  I hoping to do some model horse showing next month. I get to do some judging and hanging out with some friends.

I was helping to do some cleaning yesterday and i had a oh no moment. I just finished putting something in my Jeep. I was bringing in the mail, i fell in the driveway. Me being stupid and not having my boots on. Walking around with my sneakers on. My right foot slipped out from under me and the left locked up and tried to dislocate. At that moment i just decided not to try to save myself. I went down in the snow. i laid there for a second or two seeing if i was hurt. Nope just my pride! i laid on my back wondering how was i getting up. With my knees its not easy. Actually i got on my knees to lever myself up. The snow was okay on my knees. So when i went inside i told people, i didn't fall i made snow angels!!!!

I was alittle sore later but am fine now.

I Got a nice surprise in the mail today. I just got back from getting my nephew's Easter present. And checked the mail.  I got Published again. I am so happy. I did another card that was good enough to print.

Its Called Spooktacular. I used K & Company paper and Heidi grace rub-ons. Its super cute. Its a nice Halloween card. Its in the newest issue of Just Cards.  i have to do some more soon.