Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy New Year And News

Hello Everyone. Happy New Year. I know i am late in posting. With the holidays and everything in my life.
I got some distressing news in November. I was laid off from my job of 12 yrs on Novermber 29. Happy holidays to me. Lets just say it was a shock. Never thought i would be let go. But you never know. So have been doing abit of job hunting. I just dont know what kind of work i want to do. With my RA its going to be fun looking for something i can do. Right now its going pretty good with my meds and pain.

With all this, my mojo for making cards went with this worry to find a job. I am getting some good ideas. i just need to get them down on paper. I think this weekend i will start doing some marathon stamping so i can color images will watching tv.

But have so many supportive people in my life is my greatest gift this holiday season and the new year. I have some good feelings for this year. Hoping that it will be better.

thanks for reading.