Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Boo to you

Hello everyone. I hope all are doing fine out there. I have been doing well. I recently got another Issue of Just Cards. That means i got published again!!!!! I feel so good when i do. That means i get the bug to do more cards. I fiqured out that its late September so i should work on my Halloween cards.
i had this paper from Heidi Grace designs , isn't it stinkin cute? i thought it would make a cute card. I had some rub-ons from Heidi Grace too. So it took longer to do the layers on this card than anything. I love Halloween, its such a fun Holiday. Hope i can do another post soon, i am going to do another challenge card. so be on the lookout.

Friday, September 7, 2012

brainstorms and hole punchs

Hello all. I got this really cool idea last night as i went to bed. It had to do with hole punching, But only problem my good hole punch is at work.
So i got to do my ideas at work during break.
Why is it that alot of ideas come when you are not doing any cards?

i punched holes from cardstock and pattern paper. glued then to the base, drew lines for strings, and used the craft tape i got from Micheals. easy birthday card.

i punched holes then put colored cardstock behind to show thru. and put craft tape on for another quick b-day card.

I love these ideas, i hope i get more of them.